3 Month NINJA Speakers Group Coaching Program

Next Cohort Date – Commences on 29th October 2022
Number of Participants – Strictly upto 10 Participants


Coach Almas Virani

Public Speaking & Podcast Coach, Transformational Speaker,
Corporate Trainer, Author & Changemaker

Trained , Coached and Addressed more than 45000 people

Client List

Reserve Bank of India, Swiggy, MCHI CREDAI, TATA Steel, Diageo, Syntel, IDFC Bank, Larsen & Toubro, Boston Consulting Group, Prudential Process Management Services, Fujitsu, J P Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Rave Technologies, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, BNP Paribas, Reliance, Vodafone, Praxair, Owens Corning, USV Pharmaceuticals. Pfizer Technologies, Metso, Bizmantics Solutions, HERE Solutions, Sciformix, Accenture, Mettler Toledo, UBS, Eurokids International, Hutchison        3 Global Services, WeWork.

TRAININGS & Certifications

  • Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (DISC Analysis)
  • Certified LSI Practitioner – Human Synergistics (USA)
  • Certified Coaching Clinic Facilitator –Corporate Coach U (Australia)
  • Certified Situational Leadership II Facilitator (Ken Blanchard and Companies)
  • Certified Associate Project Manager (In Affiliatiation with PMI)
  • Certified Assessment Center Analyst – Designing, Developing and Conducting Assessment Centres                                                                                                                 
  • Certified TNA and ROI Specialist – Langevin (USA)
  • Certified Experiential Training Expert – Dr. Colin Beard
  • Certified Who Moved My Cheese Facilitator –Dr. Spencer Johnson (USA)

Has learnt the Science of Public Speaking from International Coaches and World Speaking Champions !!!

Podcast Host & Coach

Podcast Host More than 40k downloads

Founder – Ninja Podcasters Podcast Coaching & Podcast Solutions

Published Author & CHANGEMAKER

The book was launched on the 19th Oct 2021 at the Crossword Bookstores in Mumbai amidst Celebrities like (L to R) RJ Rohini, Chef Ranveer Brar, Javed Akhtar, Nandita Das, Kanika Dhillon, a special video message from Taapsee Pannu and Associates from Change.org and media .

In The News


3 Month Level Up NINJA Public Speaking Coaching

Group Coaching Program – Perfect for those looking to learn the science of Public Speaking to enhance their Speaker Persona and win over audiences in a safe peer learning environment.

Who is this program for?

Coach and Consultants



Senior Leaders

Keynote Speakers

Anyone who wants to...



  1. Unleash the voice within. 10X your energy and enthusiasm . Deliver in a dynamic style that captivates your audience.

  2. Proven and repeatable process that you can use to create presentations of any length, even on short notice without spending too much time creating it.

  3. Overcome stage fear forever and enjoying speaking on stage.

  4. Connect with the audience with hooks and keep them glued to you when you speak.

  5. Structure your points in a world-class framework that is easy to understand and follow.

  1. Design unique introductions that create prevailing first impressions and have people remember long after you interact with them.

  2. Create strong openings and closings that work like a charm to grab your crowd’s attention.

  3. Techniques to Improve your fluency to make you sound more impactful and commanding.

  4. Master the Art of Storytelling and share unforgettable stories.

  5. Get laughter and banter in the room. Add humour and fun to your conversations.

  6. Own the room by harnessing the power of your body language.

Stand out as a Speaker; establish authority & credibility; build trust and connect;

whether you are speaking to one person, a group or a large crowd both online and offline.

Program Highlights

  1. 10 Highly Interactive Live Group Coaching Sessions online coupled with Implementation based experiential learning methodology

  2. Specially curated Assignments with feedback post each session

  3. Learn from the comfort of your home – All sessions will be recorded and you will have access to it post the sessions

  4. Peer Feedback and Support

  5. Real-time coaching from expert coach

  6. Find an accountability partner to work with

  7. Network and make connections.


Bonus 1-2- 1 Discovery Call with the coach to assess the Unique Speaker Within You. Limited to 1 session per participant, these sessions will be scheduled based on mutual availability during the 3 month tenure.

  1. 2 Masterclasses with Experts (Our experts range from NLP Coach, Story Coach, Life Coach, Script Writing Expert, Theatre Expert and many more)
  2. Access to a library of resources from experts and world speaking champions
  3. A Bonus Podcast Launch Program conducted Live by Almas
  4. Complimentary Access to the online 30 Day Podcast Launch Program (worth INR 15000) if you enrol before the 5th of October 2022

NINJA Speakers Group Coaching Program



Program Structure - Month 1

Session : 0

Title : Orientation/Pre-work

Outcome: Icebreaking session. Introduce yourself, get to know one and another, deeper understanding of the program – the flow, logistics, assignments, schedule, rules and instructions to the pre-work.

Assignment : Pre-work Assignment

Duration: 60 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 1

Title : Unleash Your Voice

Outcome: Unleash the voice within. 10X your energy and enthusiasm . Enhance your pitch and speak from the diaphragm and with the right posture. Deep cleaning of language to remove fillers and foghorns. Speak mindfully, sound clear, confident, and energetic.

Assignment : Reading & Impromptu Speaking Assignments

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 2

Title : Structure Your Presentation

Outcome: Learn Simple and Powerful tools to structure a talk/presentation from scratch. Go back knowing the exact tools you can use to create a 30 second, 2 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute version of the same presentation/talk. Rinse, Repeat and Use the process over and over again.

Assignment : Presentation Canvas Assignment

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 3

Title : Speech Writing Toolbox & Playbook

Outcome: Learn the art of breaking down your presentation further and add tools to cater to a varied audience. Plug and play from a ready to use toolbox to cater to auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners .Use both right and left sides of the brain to weave tools into your presentation/talk.

Assignment : Learning Style Questionnaire

Speech Writing Playbook Assignment

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Bonus Masterclass –Masterclass with an expert will be conducted. Experts include Story Coaches, NLP & Life Coaches, Poetry and Scripting & Theatre Experts. Experts will be finalized based on availability

Program Structure - Month 2

Session : 4

Title : Hooks – Opening and Closing

Outcome: Learn the art of powerful opening and closing. This session will blow your mind as we uncover more than 80+ ways to open and close your presentation/talk

Assignment : Opening & Closing Assignment

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 5

Title : Power Talk – Introductions and Elevator Pitches

Outcome: Learn how to write contextual introductions that create unforgettable first impressions . It is a miraculous formula to build connection with your listener every time . Proven methods to write super-effective elevator pitches

Assignment : Introduction & Elevator Pitch Assignment

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 6

Title : Audience Engagement Formula

Outcome: Understand the psychology of your listener . Identify personality  and audience types and learn to customize your talk accordingly. Know how to keep the audience engaged in a dialogue with you. Move from information download to engagement uploads.

Assignment :Personality type questionnaire Audience Engagement Assignment.

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Bonus Masterclass –Masterclass with an expert will be conducted. Experts include Story Coaches, NLP & Life Coaches, Poetry and Scripting & Theatre Experts. Experts will be finalized based on availability

Program Structure - Month 3

Session : 7

Title : Kick that Fear Out

Outcome: Learn proven strategies to cope with fear. Kick that Fear out and shine in your ultimate confidence , a confidence where, speaking to a crowd feels, second natured and super easy. Turn the anxiety into excitement and look forward to your next presentation!

Assignment : Practices & Exercises

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 8

Title : Own the Room

Outcome: Build your personal Power , enhance your charisma and mesmerize the audience with your presence . Harness the power of body language to express the unspoken to your listener. Bring laughter into the room, create an environment of fun and ease and spellbound your audience.

Assignment : Practices Exercises

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Session : 9

Title : Storytelling

Outcome: Create a bank of unforgettable stories and learn how to link it to your content. Use the storytelling formula to show and tell stories that hook the audience and keep them anchored with you as they stay glued at the edge of their seats

Assignment : Story Bank Assignment Story Circle

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Bonus Session

Title : Zoom into Zoom

Outcome: Stay engaged with your audience whether you are conducting an online meeting, presenting to a group, conducting a webinar or teaching sometime online on zoom. Maximum the features of zoom and have a super engaging zoom session! A huge favourite amongst participants, if you speak online – YOU WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE THS!

Assignment : None

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Program Structure - Month 4 (BONUS Month)

Session : 10

Title : NINJA Talks

Outcome: A Red Carpet event where participants present to a live audience and get feedback on their talk (Live audience includes participants from the program , they are also encouraged to bring friends, families and colleagues in this event.

Assignment : Graduation

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event

Bonus Session

Title : Podcast Launch Lab

Outcome: Learn how to launch scale and grow your podcast. 5 Step method to take your voice out in the world through the world of audio and podcasting. Hands on workshop where you will learn to create your Podcast Blueprint.

Assignment : Podcast Blueprint

Duration: 120 Mins

Format: Live event


This comprehensive group coaching program which includes calls and assignments with follow ups will help you learn the science of public speaking and enable to speaking effectively and win over any audience.

Each session will be 2.5 hours and we will work on enhancing your overall content structure, voice , confidence, creativity, engagement, and delivery in any speaking environment.

Schedule and timeslots will be shared a few days prior to the commencement of the program. We try weekends as much as possible.

We need 100% commitment and attendance for the program. If for any reason, you cannot attend the program , the recordings will be available to you on the learning management system?

Learning Management System (LMS) is the platform where the entire course including zoom sessions, assignments and resources will be hosted. You will receive a unique login ID and password.

The format of this program includes group feedback and coaching during the sessions, however written feedback will be shared on assignments submitted on the LMS. There is one personal 1 to 1 session included in this program. We also have a separate 3 month Level Up Ninja Speakers Program for individual coaching.


Regular Price : INR 2,40,000 for the entire coaching program. Exclusive offer for Speakers Like You: INR 99,000 inclusive of taxes for the entire 3 month + 1 Month BONUS coaching program. (Investment of less than 30k per month) You can pay in full or in installments with a credit card with the following link: https://imjo.in/nbbx9V For Bank transfers or flexible payment options please contact us on 8850367978 or ninjapublicspeaking@gmail.com
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