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Launch Your Podcast in 5 Easy Steps

Go from Idea to Launch in 5 steps in less than 4 hours without spending a fortune.

Learn Podcasting In 5 Easy Steps

Finally No Marketing Crap!
You get actual Tools

The idea of Podcasting is very exciting but can seem overwhelming and complicated. I get it. I have been there. Let me make it easy for you. Learn how to go from Idea to Launch in 5 steps in less than 4 hours.

Have you been dreaming of starting a Podcast? Do you have a strong voice and message that deserves to go out to the world? Do you have a passion for podcasting but have no idea where to start from? Do you want to launch a podcast but not sure what topic to choose? Do you know your subject but don’t have the tools? Do you struggle with the tech related to podcasting? Do you want to know the costs involved in launching a podcast?

Have you finalised the first few guests you want to invite but but haven’t taken the bold step yet? Do you see people around you launching podcasts and you wonder, “I wish it was me?”

If you’ve been sitting on a Podcast idea for months and not taken action because you didn’t have direction and the tools, I know its frustrating.

Have you have attended webinars before where you were promised a lot of valuable knowledge and all you got was more up sells when you signed up. You kept looking for the actual ‘how’ , the ‘tools’ and the ‘know-how’ but all you got in the webinar/course was a ton of other sales pitches. I have been there. Wasted my money on tons of courses on the internet.

I know you are actually looking for something that offers value and practical tools to give you the results you need.

I know what you need because I have been there. I want to support you. Join me if you want to know exactly how to get your Podcast out in less than a week – simple, easy and cost-effective. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You will learn how to launch your first Podcast from scratch in 5 easy steps in less than 4 hours without having to burn a hole in your pocket. You walk away with all the tools you need to upload the first 3 episodes of your very first Podcast . Sounds incredible, Right?


Podcasting Basics Simplified

Know everything you need to know about a Podcast, key terminologies, the growing market and top reasons why should start a podcast right away.


Ready to Start Pre-Launch Kit

Get your pre-launch kit with easy steps. A ready to start Podcast Blueprint that integrates everything you need to move from idea to launching your podcast on Spotify and other podcasting platforms curated in the most simple steps.


Production and Tech Tutorials

Complete checklist of the equipment you need, the complete production and distribution tech walk through simplified by an expert specially invited as a Guest for this course.


Tools, Templates and Resources

Everything has been simplified for you. Specially curated templates to guide you along the way, Toolkit with links to all the resources you will need to get your very own podcast out in the world.

What if you had all the steps and resources given to you in less than 4 hours, even if you have zero tech skills?

Sounds too good to be true? Hang on, you are about to know exactly how.

Here's what's Included in the Course

Lets walk you through the 5 easy step method to launch your podcast


Module 1: Let's Create your Podcast Blueprint

Get your Podcast Blueprint ready with a super easy framework. Find and finalise a unique idea for your podcast using proven methods. Know your ‘Why’. Conceptualise your idea with a simple framework that works.  Choose the title, write the description, and finalise the format and frequency of your podcast. Learn everything you need to know about types of Fiction, non fiction formats and hybrid formats. Interview scripting elements spelled out for you. Methods to make interviews interesting with live examples and case studies .Converting your researched content into a Podcast script. Latest scripting trends and much more. Bonus Templates and Tools to help you with everything you need to get your Pre-Launch Podcast Blueprint ready. 


Module 2: Let's Brand Your Podcast

Lets give your Podcast a Brand Identity. Learn 4 Ways to build your Podcast Brand. Key essentials to personalise your Podcast and give it a unique identity that resonates with you. Walk away with a Checklist of Branding Collaterals you will need to launch and market your podcast. Sneak inside the making of my podcast branding collaterals. Bonus – Tools and Resources to help you brand your podcast easily.


Module 3: Let's get your Studio Ready

Know all equipment and software options to get a studio ready , the one that suits your budget and requirements. Learn the essentials you need to start recording. Look at the range of options available and which ones to choose. An inside look into my own studio and the equipment I personally use. Are you ready to set up a budget friendly studio?


Module 4: Let's script your first episode

Learn the art of storytelling through a case study with a storytelling expert. Decode a script with the secret formula used for a storytelling show . Learn new trends of Interviews .Step by step walkthrough to help you curate the script for your first episode. Use the same formula to create your first 3 episodes.


Module 5: Let's produce and upload your Podcast

An expert walks you through the various parts of production.You learn to package your podcast and get it ready for upload.Learn Editing basics and packaging it with sound. Understand RSS feed and how to create it.Options of platforms available in the market both paid and free. We share our pick, a suggested platform for you. You get a bonus Production checklist to meet your production needs. You will know exactly how to upload your podcast on Spotify and several other platforms.


Hang on! There's still a lot we have to offer

I want to offer you everything you need to get started. I have some specially designed bonuses for you so that you have no excuses not to begin.



Podcast Platform
TechWalk Through

INR 9999


Learn everything you need to now about uploading your podcast for free on Spotify and other platforms. Yes you heard it right? Don’t have to spend any money. We bring you a platform that is both super easy and absolutely free. We give you a complete walk through of the platform.
You see a demo of uploading a live podcast and understand how the platform works with all its features – all of this as a special bonus.



Template & Resource


INR 9999


A Toolkit Bundle specially designed to make your podcasting launch easy. Here’s what you will get:
List of tools you can use for branding
List of editing softwares
List of sites for music and images
List of studio equipment options
Pre-launch kit templates
Scripting Worksheets
Production Checklist
And much more!



Live Q & A with Experts

INR 9999


Get an opportunity to get your questions personally answered by your coaches live.
Bring all your podcasting related questions and get them answered individually.
Learn from experts as they answer questions from live audiences.
This option is available only for our upcoming sessions on the date mentioned on this page.

Your Podcast Coach

Almas Virani

Almas was married to the mic since she was 11 years old. Her love for the mic has taken her voice to many audiences both on and off stage. She is a Podcast Host, Content Curator, Writer, Changemaker and aTransformational Coach. She has trained and coached over 35000 people and specialises in Public Speaking Speaking and Life Skills. She is the Host of 2 Podcasts – Beyond Clichè and Unplugged with AL. She is a Changemaker who works on Gender Stereotyping and started Beyond Clichè to create awareness on this subject. The podcast has had more than 20,000 downloads so far in its first season. Almas is super excited about launching her new podcast ‘Unplugged with AL’ and her upcoming book ‘Changemakers’ .The mic is her companion for life and her voice is her super-power! You can uncover her ‘unplugged’ spiritual side on her Youtube channel Instagram Page


Meet our Special Guest Speaker

Madhuri Adwani is a storyteller, a kathakara who loves to weave tales from day to day lives. She has a show on spotify and other audio platforms called “Tapri Tales” where a bunch of women from different generations are heard talking to each other through her stories. Currently, she dedicates her time working with Nirantar Trust’s digital platform called ‘The Third Eye’ where voices from the fieldwork are recorded and retold. She has been a producer for many shows at a leading Podcasting company where she was involved in packaging the episode, brainstorming ideas with the hosts and inviting speakers, working at the social media chart, imbibing the current topics and happenings within the scripted podcasts, sit with illustrator to decide upon the artwork and upload the episode on different platforms along with working on the podcast of her own.A student of Humanities, she feels that learning and unlearning never ends as one learns to look at perspectives with each new story one meets. You can find her on “Kahaniyon Ka Adda” on her YouTube channel : Madhuri Adwani where she revels into storytelling in Hindi.


podcast host / storyteller / podcast producer

You are one step away from being a Podcaster!

Here's everything that's included:

Module 1: Let's Create your Podcast Blueprint - INR 9999

Module 2: Let's Brand Your Podcast - INR 4999

Module 3: Let's get your Studio Ready - INR 3999

Module 4: Let's script your first episode - INR 7999

Module 5: Let's produce and upload your Podcast - INR 9999

Bonus #1- Anchor Walkthrough - INR 4999

Bonus #2- Podcast Promo - INR 8999

Bonus #3- Q & A with Almas and Guest Speaker - INR 4999

Total Value - 55,992



Get lifetime access to the live recording

INR 2499
  • 4 Hour live Workshop
  • Live Q & A with Experts
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Free Bonuses

Personal Note From Your Coach

Every voice and every message is important as there are a set of ears and a listener waiting to hear it. This is your unique opportunity to take that bold step to get your podcast out in the world. Let me make your journey easy for you. Just 4 Hours of coaching and one week of work can establish you as a Podcast Host. If you have read this page so far, I am sure you realise that’s a lot of value that I am offering. I have spent years training and coaching and know the essential elements required to design a course that is both engaging and practical. I know we are all pressed for time and want to get results quickly. I am exactly like that . Endless Youtube searches can be frustrating to crack the formula required to launch your dream. That’s exactly why I have curated content that has bite-size chunks and is both concise yet comprehensive. I am offering it at a throw away price because I want to help you. I am inviting you check in with your voice and can’t wait to see you succeed!



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