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20th Sept (Monday) to 24th Sept (Friday)


Increase your brand authority 5X in 5 days

Launch Your Podcast on 8+ platforms and build your brand authority with lightening speed.

"It was an eye-opener of how powerful a mode podcasting is to engage your audience, build a community around a certain topic and create more brand awareness with present and potential customers. I highly recommend this workshop as my experience with Almas has been simply amazing"

Naresh Mansukhani

Co-Founder at SporteeGo, Host of
Maiden 100 with N & N Podcast

Here’s what you are going to learn at the
5 Day Podcast Launch Lab

Day 1

Learn everything you need to know about podcasts and design your own Podcast Blueprint

Day 2

Give your Podcast a brand identity and create your promo script using the Podcast Promo Formula

Day 3

Record and edit your Podcast promo and get ready to produce your first podcast

Day 4

Launch your podcast on 8+ platforms at zero cost with low tech high speed launch system

Day 5 – Scaling your Podcast

Day 5
Scaling your Podcast

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Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!​

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Main 100


Total Value - 1999/-

Learn all the essentials required to set up a home studio. A Specially curated Podcast Guide loaded with options for every budget. Right from home studio options to heavy podcasting gear, its all included in there. Absolutely free. Choose the options that work for you.


Total Value - 2999/-

Learn everything you need to now about uploading your podcast for free on Spotify, Google Podcasts, itunes and 5+ platforms for free with a complete tech walk through. You see a demo of uploading a live podcast and understand how the platform works with all its features – all of this as a special bonus.


Total Value - 3999/-

Learn the art of storytelling through a case study with a storytelling expert. Decode a script with the secret formula used for a storytelling show . Learn new trends of Interviews .Step by step walkthrough to help you curate the script for your first episode. Use the same formula to create your first 3 episodes.


Total Value - 1999/-

Want to make your Podcast Cover Art but don't have designing skills. We've got you covered. Done for you templates for you to create your very own Podcast Cover Art in minutes. There's nothing stopping you from launching your podcast now!


Total Value - 1999/-

All the production steps included in one comprehensive checklist. We want to make sure you are thoroughly prepared for each episode and here’s an all you need production checklist to help you succeed.


Total Value - 1999/-

A Toolkit Bundle designed to make your podcasting launch easy. Here’s what you will get:
1. Podcast Blueprint
2. Pre-launch kit templates
3. Podcast Title Cheat Sheet
4. Recommended Podcast Directory
5. List of editing software's and sites for music and images

Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!​

Don’t take my word for it. Listen to the experiences of past participants!

Deepa Kiran, Storyteller launches her Podcast ,
By the Bonfire with Deepa

Chandana Hirani, Changemaker who launched her Podcast, Bohat Karli Gandi Baat, talks about her experience.

I attended the Podcast Workshop with Almas and my experience was awesome. The course was designed to help us know each and everything about Podcasting. I feel that my choice was great to go with Almas as a Podcast Coach as she covered everything in the course .She has designed it in such a way that every person can understand how to launch the Podcast from scratch .Almas Virani is great coach and she make it happen once you start your journey to Launch the Podcast . I recommend this amazing course for all who wants to know about how to Launch the Podcast in detail.

All I can say is Amazing !!!!

Monika Heda

Entrepreneur & Business Coach,
Founder of Design-Hut


100% Guarantee that you’ll love this workshop, or I’ll return your RS 499/-

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Let me show your everything you get When you Join the Podcast Launch Lab

Total Value – INR 19,994/-

Get All These Worth INR 19,994/- For


When you join the 5 Day Podcast Launch Lab

Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!

Meet Your Coach - Almas Virani

Meet Your Coach -
Almas Virani

Almas was married to the mic since she was 11 years old. Her love for the mic has taken her voice to many audiences both on and off stage.

She is a Podcast Host, Content Curator, Writer, Changemaker and a Transformational Coach having trained and coached more than 35000 people and specialises in Public Speaking Speaking and Life Skills.

She is the Host of 2 Podcasts – Beyond Clichè and Unplugged Baatein with Almas. She is a Changemaker who works on Gender Stereotyping and started Beyond Clichè to create awareness on this subject. The podcast has had more than 22,000 downloads so far in its first season.

Almas has exceptional communication skills and is regarded as a pro at Interviewing her guests. She has interviewed guests like Anu Menon (director of the movie Shakuntala Devi), Priya Malik (Actress, Poet and ex Big Boss Contestant), Pushtiie Shakti (Actress, known for her show Mahi Way), Aaron Gouveia (American Author & International Journalist) amongst many others. She is blessed with exceptional networking skills and uses this core skill to line up and interview renowned guests on her shows.Her ability to use her magical voice and persona keeps her listeners engaged waiting to hear more!

The mic is her companion for life and her voice is her super-power! You can uncover her ‘unplugged’ spiritual side on her Youtube channel and Instagram Page

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Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!​


Here’s the Podcasts hosted by Almas

Beyond Cliché.

A long format show, with Almas interviewing the guest while they uncover their journey of challenging stereotypes and creating a new refreshing story beyond cliché. It is an informal conversation to sensitize the listeners about these binaries.

Unplugged Baatein with Almas

This unplugged podcast has a combo of episodes from solo talks, to interviews to poems, storytelling and everything in between. Each episode has been curated organically and digs into the deeper essence and meaning of life.

Show Reels

Our guests and glimpses from the Beyond Cliché Journey

Anu Menon (Director of the movie Shakuntala Devi)

Kunal Rajput (Brand Ambassador, Nike Training Center - India)

Priya Malik (Actress, Poet & ex Bigg Boss Contestant)

Sadaf Hussain (Chef & MasterChef Finalist)

Tanvi Lad (Indian Badminton Player)

Dr. Bani Yadav (Rally Driver & 2x Winner, Indian National Autocross Champion- Ladies)

Aaron Gouveia (American Author & International Journalist)

Anita Krishnan (Biker & Indian President for Women International Motorcycling Association)

Got More Questions? We've Got You Covered.

The Podcast Launch Lab starts on Monday at 6 pm and will go on till Friday.

Great question. It’s a mix of both.

Everyday(first 4 Days), at 9 AM you will be getting  pre-recorded Videos.

There will be 3 live sessions conducted .

The Program will start on Sunday with an Onboarding video and end on Friday at 8pm.

Videos and Tasks will be shared with you on a daily basis on Whatsapp/Facebook group

We have recorded Sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Live Sessions will be conducted on Sunday (Orientation Session before Day1), Wednesday & Friday. The timings for the Live sessions will be 5pm to 6:30pm. You will also receive recordings for the Live Sessions 

Yes! You will receive recordings of all the live sessions. Please note, there would be no recording of the Friday 6-8 Live Class. That’s the only class where you won’t receive a recording.

It’s not a super advanced workshop. This Class is for people who want to launch their podcast. You won’t be taught any advanced scaling methods.

Remember this is a Class not an online course. So, no you don’t get lifetime access to the videos. But we understand, you might want some more time to absorb the information, hence you can view all the videos for a fortnight

This workshop guarantees no income. The workshop is designed to help you expand your audience reach by launching your podcast on multiple platforms .

Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!​

Personal Note From Your Coach

Every voice and every message is important as there are a set of ears and a listener waiting to hear it. This is your unique opportunity to take that bold step to get your podcast out in the world. Let me make your journey easy for you. Just 5 Days of work can establish you as a Podcast Host. If you have read this page so far, I am sure you realise that’s a lot of value that I am offering. I have spent years training and coaching and know the essential elements required to design a course that is both engaging and practical. I know we are all pressed for time and want to get results quickly. I am exactly like that . Endless Youtube searches can be frustrating to crack the formula required to launch your dream. That’s exactly why I have curated content that has bite-size chunks and is both concise yet comprehensive. I am offering it at a throw away price because I want to help you. I am inviting you check in with your voice and can’t wait to see you succeed!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Join the Workshop Now Before They're All Gone...

Thanks for taking the time to read this page

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Original Value INR 2499 - Limited Time Offer!​

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